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MDK Soya Meat (Curry Flavor) - 70G

Manufacturer: MDK


Cholesterol Free Textured Soya Protin(100% Vegitable Protein) Fat Free Soya.

Curry Flavour Essence , Coriander , Cummin Seeds , Dill Seeds , Chillies , Cardamom , Pepper and Permitted flavour enhance.


Nutrition Values  


Parameter  Test Value
Moisture, percent by mass 5.3
Fat content, percent by mass 0.3
Fiber (on dry basis), percent by mass 0.9
Protein (Nx5.71) (on dry basis), percent by mass  50.6
Total sugar, percent by mass 9.6
Carbohydrate, percent by mass 39.4

How to Make


O  Get the content which are in the pack and add small amount of salt and boil them about 5 minutes.

O  Then Strain and squeeze the soya for remove the water and mix the Curry Flavour contained in small packet.

O  Add cup of water or Coconut milk and cook well. If you like you can temper it by adding some vegetable oil or coconut oil. 

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