MDK Red String Hopper Flour 700g

Manufacturer: MDK
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Product Description
  • MDK String Hopper Flour has manufactured by 100% pure rice flour.
  • No any artificial colors, chemicals or preservatives. (preservation from extracting moisture of the rice)
  • String Hoppers Can be make from using cold water easily.
  • Maximum String Hoppers can be prepared more than other products.
  • It has affordable price with comparing other products
  • MDK String Hopper flour is pioneer of the export market.
  • String hoppers can be separate easily because of flour has been powdered.
  • Because of quality packaging the product quality is secured.
  • All products made by machines. So can prevent from External harms.
  • MDK Food products is place of significant role in local & foreign market as a Pioneer food manufacturer and distributor.
  • A 100% vegetarian food.



For String Hoppers : Mix with cold water. Pour the mixture on the string hopper mats and steam for about 7 minutes. ( You can also make pittu, Thosai and murukku )

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